Most scholarships and opportunity websites are monetized with Google Adsense. But there are much better options to earn revenue from your scholarships or opportunity websites. We have tested some of these options for you and outline advantages and disadvantages.


Ezoic is a certified Google Adsense partner. They use artificial intelligence to optimize your ads and in our case increased revenue by 5-15x times. A website with 20.000 visitors per month earned around $450 after being monetized with Ezoic. But Ezoic goes beyond pure monetization: it can speed optimize your page, add a private policy to your page and manage consent on your page on a professional level. This will help you avoid penalties and bans if you are not familiar with GDPR and FTC rules that apply worldwide.

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  • Ezoic will multiply your Adsense income.
  • Ezoic is a certified Adsense partner and takes care so that you do not violate any Adsense rules.
  • Ezoic is a fantastic tool if you do not want to spend hours and hours testing and optimizing your ads. Let them do it.
  • Ezoic support is world-class. We received a response within 24 hours even on weekends.


  • Ezoic takes around 24 hours to setup.
  • Ezoic offers a simple wordpress plugin but for best results you should have access to your nameservers.
  • Ezoic has a 24-48 hours reporting delay. That means you normally do not see the final income of the last 2 days.

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